8 Tips and Tricks to Planning Your Wedding

Photograph: Sweet Julep Photography

Photograph: Sweet Julep Photography

1.  Guests

First, look into how many guests you want to invite before jumping in and putting a deposit down on a venue. There is nothing worse than having more guests than your venue can hold.

2. Weather

Pay attention to annual weather patterns in the area of your venue location to determine what the weather will be like on your wedding day. Take special note of the time the sun will be setting

3. Credit Cards

Take advantage of credit card promotions and rewards, potentially saving yourselves money on your honeymoon.

4. Ask Questions

Talk to the vendors you have chosen about other vendors they suggest or have worked with in the past. They know what looks good and who is the best to work with.

5. Tight Budget?

The quickest way to trim your costs is to shorten your guest list. If each guests costs $75 and you eliminate 10, you have saved $750.00.

6. Wedding Budgets

  1. 50% - Reception
  2. 10% - Flowers
  3. 8% - Music/Entertainment
  4. 12% - Photography & Videography
  5. 3% - Invites
  6. 7% - Miscellaneous
  7. 10% - Save for Emergencies

7. Schedule the Setup of the Venue

Plan and ensure there is ample time for your vendors and yourself to set up everything you need for your special day. Some venues even allow you to come in the day before.

8. Work with Your Vendors

Your vendors are an excellent resource and can be trusted to offer sound advice. They may recommend something perfect that you had never considered!