5 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Wedding

1.  Dream

Imagine your dream wedding considering and imagining:

  • Size
  • Location - Inside? Outside?
  • Close to home vs  destination wedding
  • Style?
  • Season?
  • Entertainment - DJ? Live Band?

2. Collect

Develop a Pinterest or folder on your computer to save your ideas. Read online magazines, save photos you love, develop a collection of ideas to help plan the dream you have already created. Pinterest is one of the best tools to catalog different ideas! You can checkout my Pinterest to begin your search www.pinterest.com/65southprod

3. Decide

Choose the  style you want your wedding to be designed around. You have already done some research so use the Pinterest boards, magazines, and online tools you have collected. Do you want a modern wedding? rustic? sleek? Your style could depend on the time of year and your dream location. It is your special day, so most importantly make it a reflection of y'alls personality. 

4. Look

Now it is time to decide on the colors that you want to incorporate into the design. What color do you want the bridesmaids dresses? What color do you want the groomsmen wearing? Gray suite? Suspenders? Traditional? etc... Do you want sashes on the chairs for the ceremony and/or reception? What color flowers do you want? All of these different things need to flow together, so keep that in mind as you begin to plan your wedding day.

5. Feel

As you plan your wedding, remember the look and design affects the feeling that your wedding will have. The design sets the tone and vibe for the wedding. Ultimately the only thing that matters is that it fits y'all and it showcases your personalities and passions. Make it feel special to you. It is your special day. 

Hunter MorganComment