10 Reasons a Wedding Video is worth the Investment

Wedding videography is often one of the last items a bride and groom book and add to their overall budget, and often times it gets cut to stay within budget. However, 98% of brides who choose not to have a wedding video regret their decision. Here are the top ten reasons a Wedding Video is well worth your investment.

1. The Day will be a Whirlwind

Wedding videographers will be shooting hours of footage, often in places where the bride and groom are not, and they can capture moments that many people will miss over the course of the day. The Bride and groom always say that their wedding day went by so fast, they wish they could watch it again to see the moments they missed or that went by too quickly.

2. Have a Beautiful Professional Video to Show Off

Once your bridal party and all of your friends see your wedding video online and on Facebook they will all be envious.

3. Photos capture a moment, Video takes captures memories

When your parents, maid of honor, or bestman give a toast and you are in tears, well, you might want to relive that moment. Video can capture your vows, the moments that you will never want to forget, and allow you to watch them again and again.

4. Do it for the kids.

Twenty years from now you can share your special day with your children, and together you can relive the magic moments of your wedding day. The video is not just for you–it’s for your family and your future family.

5. Maybe it is in your budget.

In the grand scheme of your wedding budget the wedding video is just a small portion of the budget. The wedding video is usually cut first instead of something else like extra flowers or a photo-booth when a wedding video is something you will have forever. At the end of the day, would you rather cut that candy bar or have a professional wedding video to last all of your years?

6. Uncle George can’t do it right.

I know you might think that he can, but he really doesn't have the quality equipment and experience to do it right. Chances are, your family member doesn’t have the equipment to capture high quality video in low light or clear audio to preserve your precious memories.

7. Get exactly what you ask for.

Like a photographer, there is a videographer to fit every style. Many are open minded and love to talk and work with you to deliver a product you are happy with. Whether you are looking for a smooth cinematic piece, blurry out of focus backgrounds or vintage wedding video, most videographers can accommodate to fit your needs.

8. This is not a home video.

A professional wedding videographer can offer stunning cinematic footage that will make you feel like the celebrity you are on your wedding day. You may think that because you are hiring a photographer you don’t need a videographer but they are two very different forms of art and one does not cover the other.

9. Out of the Way!

Professional wedding videographers provide a very precise service and have it down to a science. As such, they will be very unobtrusive so there’s no need to worry about them being in the way.

10. Have no Regrets

Years from now when there is money in the bank and you are celebrating your tenth or twentieth wedding anniversary it’s likely you’ll wish you could really relive your magical day.